Welcome to Mitab Systems Ltd.

We have been bringing computing calm to homes and small businesses for over 25 years.

With the current Coronavirus situation ongoing, we have the ability to help and support you remotely. With your permission, we can connect into your device without being onsite and troubleshoot/resolve the problem. This generally works well except where you have a problem with your connection!

We offer a fast, reliable service to get you back up and running as quickly as possible, with the least amount of stress! Whether it’s a quick question, a problem that needs solving or a longer-term IT support solution for your Windows, Apple or other piece of kit, we tailor our services to bring you the best ideas and solutions researched just for you.  We pride ourselves on delivering a professional, friendly and affordable solutions which meets our clients’ exact needs.

More and more people are buying and using devices other than traditional desktop and laptop computers. We can help with any problems you might have with your Android tablet, Apple iPad, Kindle, eBook reader, Amazon Alexa device.

We also appreciate that as devices come down in price, owners may worry that a repair could cost more than replacement. If this is the case, we will advise you as such and be happy to provide you with options for replacement or upgrades.

We Can Help…

Our Services include

  • Apple and Microsoft Windows support
  • Antivirus and infected machine cleanups
  • Improving your WiFi stability and range
  • Servicing/Tune Ups and PC MOTs
  • Backups – local and online in the Cloud
  • Help with management and storage of digital images
  • Printers (inkjet, laser, cabled and WiFi)
  • Android, iPhones and tablets
  • Advice on software packages/updates/upgrades (eg. Ancestry Family Tree software)
  • Smart Home devices and connectivity:
    • Amazon Alexa/Google Home
    • Smart lighting
    • Music/multi-room audio (Spotify/Amazon Music/Deezer etc.)
    • Security systems and cameras
    • Smart TVs and TV sticks (BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Roku, Fire TV etc.)

PC/Laptop/Macbook/iMac MOTs and Tune Ups

Like most of us, computers slow down over time, it’s just a fact of life. The slow down can be almost imperceptible or suddenly very noticeable but compared with the speed of the system when it was new you now find you’re waiting longer for it to do what you’re asking it to do!

Over time lots of temporary and junk files, system updates, older files you don’t need and things like “cookies” all build up. Every so often a good “spring clean” is a good idea. Some machines respond better to this than others of course. A 5 year old machine is never going to be as responsive as a brand new one but the differences are noticeable.


Things have improved a great deal over the years with internet and wifi connections but there are still lots of situations where things do not work very well or even at all. With more and more devices around the home and office using the internet and wifi having a fast, decent signal is pretty much essential to keeping things working smoothly. Having many many years of experience we can advise on the options and best solutions for your particular situation.


Backups sometimes scare people! Everyone knows they should be doing them but most never get around to it, putting the job off until it’s too late and there’s been some sort major problem – just the time it’s needed the most.

There are various ways to safeguard all your information, photos, documents, accounts etc. some almost completely automated taking the stress out of the whole affair. Sometimes having an off site or “cloud” backup is useful too, protecting you against theft or fire for example.

If there is a major problem and there is no backup to fall back to there are sometimes options to retrieve the lost information. In most cases we have managed to retrieve either all or the vast majority of the users data. If a hard drive has physically failed completely there are still ways to potentially retrieve the information.


Give Matt a call on 07843 459437 or email him via matt@mitab.net. We are based in Holly Green, just outside Upton upon Severn and we cover the surrounding areas including Tewkesbury.